Scootering the Hai Van Pass in Central Vietnam

I'm Logan Dumont, an architectural designer, world traveler and IPA connoisseur. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California that consisted of three traffic lights and a drive-in theater. I attended San Diego State University for my undergraduate studies of city planning and beach lounging. Upon graduating, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked as an account manager for post-production companies before deciding to pursue my masters in architecture at the University of Southern California, where I graduated in the top 20th percentile this past May.
Beyond the scope of architecture, I love to keep an active lifestyle with any board sport (think surf, skate, snow or wake). On the weekends, you can catch me at a new art exhibit, hiking a trail for that picture perfect view, or trying a new craft beer at one of the many micro breweries seeming to pop up everywhere. When time permits, I seek out different travel destinations, whether it be international or the next state over. They tend to be based around my love for both the natural and built environment, where I always make the journey as important as the destination. In my travels, I have learned to see culture as the greatest intangible asset anyone can come across, which is why I believe traveling helps shape our discipline, our reasoning, and most importantly, ourselves for the better.

I am seeking a firm that holds collaboration highly in its values and who still embraces the importance of models. Yes, physical models. With so much of our work now digital, I believe it's indispensable to the practice of architecture to explore model making. From the quick-and-dirty to the presentation-ready, models help to better understand the importance of context, materiality and space.

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